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Gurgaon Cardiology is the site which tells you about the facilities and doctors available in Gurgaon for treatment of heart conditions. In the last 5 years the healthcare of Gurgaon has multiplied manifold and today the patient is spoiled for choice and finds it difficult to get the best advice for the heart diseases. We will help you choose the best doctor for your heart problems.



Today one can get the comprehensive range of solutions for heart disease in the city of gurgaon. The solutions range from Coronary Angiography both in the Cath Lab as well as CT Coronary Angiography on ultrafast CT Scanners. Angioplasty, Balooning, Valve Repair and Replacement, Bye Pass surgery, Aneurysm Surgery, ASD/VSD Closure, ICD Device Implantation, Pacemaker. There are special facilities in the city for each of these procedures.


Heart Specialists

The city of Gurgaon has some of the best names in the field of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Top doctors like Dr. Naresh Trehan, Dr. Baldev Singh Sekhon, Dr. Niraj Kumar practice at world class hospitals in the Millenium City. The patients coming from all over the world want the best doctor to treat them but the huge rush means that the doctor of your choice is not always available to you. We will advise you the best doctor who will take personal care of your heart


Our Doctors

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Dr Baldev Singh Sekhon, MD

Dr Baldev Singh Sekhon, MD is a renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon with extensive experience in the field. Ranging from Complex Cardiac Surgeries to Simpler CABGs, he has performed over 25000 procedures and is considered as one of the finest surgeons by his peers and experts.

Dr Baldev Sekhon, MD heads the department of cardiothoracic & vascular surgery at Artemis Hospital. Dr. Baldev Sekhon, MD has a proven track record with very high success rate comparable to some of the best cardiac surgeons in the world.



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